Skilled and Unskilled Labor-Only Crews

MSI Drywall Skilled and Unskilled Labor-Only Crews

We have large and small domestic work force crews in the following trades: Metal Stud Framing, Drywall Hanging, and Acoustical Ceilings. We also provide crews for Demolition, Reconstruction, Disaster Relief and Clean-up.

MSI has earned an outstanding reputation of supplying skilled and unskilled crews from coast to coast. When we drop on a job, we are there to work with you to meet or succeed production levels. Our success and reputation is in direct relation to the quality of crews we send to projects. Do not let us mislead you; not every crewmember we send out is the current framer/rocker of the year. However, our 17 years of building our workforce has enabled us to pick the better crews and identify common problems early on. Our customers call us to deal with the work force issues so they can focus on getting the job completed. Your time is valuable and you hire MSI to get dedicated workers on the site as quickly as possible. Our extensive experience in drywall labor and demolition and reconstruction gives us the advantage.

Our experience and ability to properly staff any type of project, our preferred straight time rate, W-2 based employees and our top of the line Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Coverage are just a few reasons to make MSI your preferred labor supplier.

MSI is also an American company that operates from the USA – not from Canada or Mexico where businesses can run contrary to U.S. tax, labor, and immigration laws, giving them a safe haven, but not the contractor that employees them… you.

Recent case law and judgments handed down by the Department of Labor left the hiring contractor with huge fines and restitution. An Alabama contractor and their labor supplier were fined jointly 200K, the labor supplier disappeared back to Mexico and the Alabama contractor was forced pay the entire fine.

Call or email us today for a quote on labor that will include travel & housing costs, applicable insurance coverage and overtime payments. We work with some of the largest contractors in various trades who use our labor numbers in their bidding process.

 Available Manpower

  • 8 – Drywall Framers Sheet Rock Hangers – Georgia – will travel
  • 14 – Drywall Framers Sheet Rock Hangers Texas – will travel
  • 8 – Painters – Alabama – will travel within state
  • 10 – Drywall Framers Sheet Rock Hangers – Arkansas – will travel
  • 12 – Hangers – Mississippi – will travel within 2 state area
  • 16 – Framer/Hangers – New York – will travel eastern states

If you need a crew and what’s currently available does not fit your needs, please call our available manpower changes daily and sometimes hourly. 888-822-2018