Demolition-Reconstruction Crews

MSI Drywall Demolition-Reconstruction Crews

In 2003, we staffed over 120 framers, hangers, finishers and painters for the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS. Three weeks before the scheduled grand opening, Hurricane Ivan hits the Mississippi coast and every room in the towers sustained water damage. The Contractor came to us to bring in the demolition crews needed to demo the water-damaged areas. The challenge was that the Beau Rivage needed to meet the already set grand opening. We were able to have demo crews there within 2 days, beefed up our hangers/finishers and painters, and meet the deadline.

Two years later, the same call came in, as Katrina savaged the Biloxi area. We had a staff of over 300 doing demolition and reconstruction. Recently, when Joplin, Missouri was leveled by a category 4 tornado, MSI was there for cleanup and reconstruction. MSI is confident that we can meet any challenge when man or nature’s carnage needs cleaning up and restored.