Metal Stud Framing

MSI Drywall Metal Stud Framing

Load-bearing and non-load-bearing Metal Framing systems can be used to create the building’s exterior envelope while maintaining the design flexibility of the exterior and interior finishes. Metal Stud Framing is the preferred choice for creating and defining the interior space of a building. MSI’s skilled framers are invaluable to a successful metal framing system. They are skilled in the latest practices of both load-bearing and non-load-bearing exterior metal framing. A MSI framing crew will have the knowledge, experience and tools to build anything you can dream up.

Do you envision a new hotel or multifamily building and have heard the cost of a wood structure is cheaper? Maybe the insurance premium savings of a non-combustible metal stud structure is something worth investigating. Below we have listed a few more of the benefits that metal stud framing systems offer.

  • High Quality Construction –  metal studs are a precisely manufactured, sustainable engineered material that allows for truly straight partitions with square corners. No shrinkage, warping or rotting with this dimensionally stable material.
  • Design Flexibility – we can achieve greater spans to open up larger spaces, the light weight still offers a stronger frame and you can achieve the highest strength to weight ratio.
  • Can be easily designed to withstand seismic and wind loads caused by earthquakes or hurricanes
  • Less waste and the waste is recyclable.
  • Won’t sustain damage from termites or carpenter ants
  • Are of an inorganic material that is mold resistant
  • Metal Studs allow us to build radius or curved applications more easily