Who Is MSI?

MSI Drywall Who Is MSI?

MSI is a traditional commercial interior drywall contractor resource nationally known for its skilled and unskilled labor.

We are an American family owned and based in Northwest Arkansas. We specialize in metal stud framing; engineered cold formed steel trusses, drywall hanging and acoustical applications. Whether you need a skilled or unskilled labor resource in the USA, Caribbean or Pacific, MSI will be there to help. In our 25 years of doing business, we have proven that we mobilize quickly and efficiently to get your project staffed and completed – without sacrificing quality.

MSI’s team has been involved in many major projects across the country including International Airports, Theaters, Casino/Hotels, Hospitals and Military Bases. Our pursuit of business is not limited to larger projects. We do our fair share of the smaller tenant infill work across the country including retail stores like Express, Victoria’s Secret, Ulta Beauty, Gap and more. From your small retail build-out to your multi-story building, MSI will successfully meet your needs.

We have field offices in key areas for procuring skilled drywall mechanics that help us supplement the ever-growing need for workers throughout the country. Recruitment of good field hands is vital to MSI’s success. Our continued efforts to maintain the best skilled, traveling workforce is also vital to your projects success – wherever it is. For years, we have worked with both small and large contractors, many who use our numbers in the bidding process. Proudly, we work every day with nationally known contractors who use our labor force as their labor force and have for years…

Getting your project done quickly and efficiently is very important to MSI, but nothing is more important than our workers’ safety. Safety is priority #1 on our jobsites. MSI maintains an experience modification rating far below industry standards for many years. Our commitment to safety, top of the line insurance coverage puts you and your project is safe hands.